Adam Marks

The Future of Rail

The Future of Rail
Client: Amtrak
Deliverables: Microsite
Role: Art direction, design, UX/UI, animation


A new technology
2016, Amtrak announced its plans to introduce new, high speed trainsets by 2021. The planned update will take place in the Northeast Corridor, offering service between Union Station in Washington DC and Penn Station in New York City. The newly redesigned trainsets would reach speeds of nearly 200 mph, almost twice as fast as the current Acela trainline, and would do so using 20% less energy. In addition to new trains, Amtrak announced a widespread modernization program that would enhance train service/experience and update station environments, overall infrastructure and facilities.

My Role
Design a microsite that will serve as a hub for announcements and an educational tool for the new updates, while also giving a sense excitement to the project. The client asked for parallax scrolling, so meet that request I imagined certain windows in the angular shapes revealing new information or imagery as the user scrolled. In doing so I avoided the typical faux pas use of parallax, and made it both interesting and relevant to the content.