Adam Marks

Flavor Up

Flavor Up
Client: Sparkling Ice
Deliverables: Website, retail displays, photo shoot
Role: Art direction, design, UX/UI


Flavor Up was a summer campaign for Sparkling Ice in 2016. The goal was to provide seasonally-relevant content that drove purchase and also educated consumers on the brand's flavor portfolio. served as an online hub for the campaign. The site featured a highly-interactive page in which users could explore the different flavors of sparkling waters, lemonades and teas, tying each flavor to a summer activity and/or recipe. In addition, Sparkling Ice wanted a purchase-based loyalty program in which consumers could redeem branded swag like t-shirts and bluetooth speakers with their purchase receipt. We also created in-store displays that drove to both the microsite and rewards program.

My Role
Flavor up was a massive project that required all hands on deck in order to execute properly. I helped art direct numerous summer-themed photoshoots in the middle of winter. We worked closely with a photographer, set designer and food stylist to get the appropriate warm weather look and feel we needed.

I also designed the microsite, and worked hand-in-hand with a development team to help bring to life my creative vision. I wanted an immersive and vibrant web experience, especially when focusing on the 17 different flavors of the brand. It was important to offer original ideas for seasonal content, but even more importantly we wanted the flavor variety to stand out.