Adam Marks

Tonka Trails

Tonka Trails Advocates
Client: Minnetonka Mountain Bike Trail Advocates
Deliverables: Branding, website, poster, clothing
Role: Art direction, design, UX/UI


The need for speed
As an avid mountain biker, my father is always looking for new trails to explore around the Twin Cities area. Unfortunatly he lives in an area without any designated mountain bike trails, and often finds himself sharing established wooded paths with dog walkers and trail runners. So, to avoid any collisions with unsuspecting park goers, he decided start an advocacy group to help build safe, well-built mountain bike trails in his home city of Minnetonka.

The goal
Build a strong local following of cyclists and Minnetonka residents to help in convinving the local park board to approve the building of designated mountain bike trails.

My role
Luckily for Ben Marks, his son not only shares his love for mountain biking, but is also a very talented designer :). I was happy to help my (not so) old man in branding his endeavor, and building an effective online presence. Since launching we've noticed a large boost in participation and attendance at the all-important park board meetings. Hopefully it all pays off, and in the near future Minnetonka is able to add some much-needed trails.